Why do I need to verify my email address? – Brazen Help Center

Have you ever looked at the accuracy of an email address before sending it across? Probably some time. But, minor negligence can often cost hefty losses for a business. By verifying an email address, companies can be sure that they are communicating with the right person and that their messages are getting delivered promptly. Email address verification can also help to protect businesses from being spoofed or phished. 


Businesses can improve communication and protect themselves from fraud by verifying email addresses. By confirming an email address, companies can ensure they are not sending confidential information to the wrong person. Additionally, there are many other benefits of email verification for businesses.


Reduced Rate of Bounced Mails

Email verification can help reduce the rate of bounced emails, damaging your sender’s reputation and causing deliverability issues. The primary reason for bounced emails is the wrong email address. Email verification can reduce the risk of bounce by identifying and removing invalid email addresses from your list. By verifying the accuracy of email addresses on your list, you can improve your chances of reaching your recipients.


Enhanced Customer Engagement

Email verification is a process that helps businesses ensure that the email addresses they are collecting are valid and active.  Companies can improve customer engagement by verifying email addresses and sending more relevant and targeted customer messages.


Email verification can also help businesses avoid sending messages to inactive or dead email accounts, saving time and money. In addition, email verification can help to protect businesses from spam complaints and other deliverability issues.


Improved Conversions

Email verification can improve conversions in several ways:

  1. By verifying that an email address is valid, you can be sure that your messages reach their intended recipients. It can increase the likelihood that your message will be read and acted upon.
  2. Verified email addresses tend to be associated with more engaged users, which can lead to improved conversions on any offers or calls to action included in your message.
  3. By using a verified email list, you can avoid the adverse effects of bounced or undeliverable messages and negative deliverability rates.


Better Email Marketing ROI

Email verification is a process that ensures an email address is valid and working. It helps improve email deliverability, leading to improved email marketing ROI. But how? There are a few ways that email verification can help improve email marketing ROI:

  • It helps improve deliverability.
  • It helps keep your list clean.
  • It helps you avoid bounced emails.
  • It can help improve your sender’s reputation.
  • It can help you save on email marketing costs.
  • It can help you segment your list more effectively.
  • It can help you target your messages more effectively.


Overall, email verification is a valuable tool for businesses that want to improve their email marketing ROI. By verifying emails, companies can ensure that their messages are reaching the intended recipients and are not being blocked or filtered by spam filters. In addition, email verification can help prevent bounced emails from damaging a sender’s reputation and resulting in lost opportunities.


So are you willing to risk losing your business reputation due to an unverified email? If you think otherwise, it’s time to think about getting all your business emails verified.